Fundamental Kitchen Appliances and Furniture

The kitchen is a fundamental aspect of any restaurant, business or home. It's an important place where families gather to cook, chefs work on courses and where food is generally stored and prepared. The best kitchens are well-decorated with the right furniture and equipment, in order for smooth operation. They should be kept clean and decorated with well-placed appliances and furniture, for a stunning look that's very functional.

When it comes to decor, it's important to begin with the essential pieces, like appliances, a dining table and chairs. Even budget friendly furniture and equipment can be costly, when you're purchasing all at once. That's why it's important to begin with the most functional pieces, purchasing only the essentials first. Afterwards, any money saved can be put toward accents and secondary pieces, for a comprehensive look.

Essential Furniture & Equipment in the Kitchen & Dining Area

When it comes to equipping the kitchen, placement is everything. Function and style can meet in a very unique way, but function should always be a first priority. The family cook isn't going to want to be dancing around with a mixing bowl, finding it difficult to move from stove to sink. Instead, these things should be a good proximity to one another.

It's suggested by experts that the oven, sink and refrigerator are ideally placed in a sort of triangular shape. The refrigerator, sink and oven are fundamental to the room and should be the designers first thought. They can be laid out in a straight line, should the decorator find that the space is best used with everything on one countertop, but the triangular shape has proven best for cooks.

When it comes to these fundamentals there are a lot of options out there. The sink can be outfitted with special fixtures, like a form fitting cutting board, a soap dispenser and a specialty pullout spray. Typically stainless steel sinks are chosen, but newer options include granite and quartz composite sinks. The oven and refrigerator are best purchased in a matching colour, for a modern look.

Of course these three items aren't all that's fundamental to a well-decorated and functional room. The worktop is essential. There are many different styles available, the one you choose will depend what type of material you'd like the be used and possibly the colour. Marble kitchen worktops are a popular choice as they are long lasting, smooth and look great in almost every style of kitchen. Ample counter space makes for the perfect in-home kitchen worktop.

In smaller rooms there may not be room for more than a single counter. In this scenario a well-placed dining table will round out the workspace. In large spaces, decorators have used every free inch of wall space to install counters, simply to make food preparation and storage easy.

Above counters you'll want a number of cabinets to store dishes and food. If you would like to update your existing cupoboards, then replacement kitchen doors are a great way to give your cooking area a fresh look by adding colour and creating style. Use closets to store extras, like folding chairs, linens and extra cookware. These items can clutter a functional equipment and are best stored out of eye-sight.

Kitchen cabinets and counters are essential, but they can be expensive. Low-priced counters are typically constructed of tile granite, laminate or ceramic. Ceramic is favoured for low-cost counters, simply because of its look and durability. Higher end counters are made of slab granite, oak, concrete or quartz. Slab granite is the most expensive material used to make countertops and requires professional installation.

Home kitchens also require some seating. Seating is last in our list of fundamentals, because it's not completely necessary for a working kitchen. In terms of function, people always have to sit down and there should be a quality place to do so. Seating can be very difficult to place in a small kitchen, although they are great for a bar area or a place to relax, they can take up too much space, especially when they are not in use. One good suggestion is using folding chairs, they are great for storage, as they can even be hung on the wall. A dining table and chairs should suffice, but bars and islands are also great places to serve breakfast or simply take a break to read the newspaper and drink a cup of tea.


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